WTB - Yaesu FT-8900R

I am looking for a used or nicely discounted new/like new Yaesu FT-8900r for a Shack-in-a-box build. Let me know if you have one or know someone who might.

Found this on QRZ swapmeet.


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Thanks, i may reach out to him but am keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll find one under $300. TYT has a clone in the $270 range so that’s what is driving my budget.

I started my Ham life with a TYT monoband 7cm. It only lasted a year, and was lost to irreparable catastrophic failure. Issa Abboud went through 2 dual band TYT radios of the same species in less than 2 months and because of frustration has moved on from the brand. I feel it’s a crap shoot. Clean used low mileage, Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, must remain at the top of your list.

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Thanks for the input on TYT Shane. I’ve heard of a lot of people who like their HTs so when i saw the 8900 clone I thought it might be a good alternative.

It may be a very good radio for some folks. Myself and Issa Abboud, may have somehow damaged our radios. I know K5DVT told me I destroyed mine by running 24 / 7 and transmitting on high power all the time. Issa was only a casual operator just sorta once a weekly, although he always used cross band repeat. So I thought maybe that’s how his broke ( 2 units ). I hate to critique brands when I only had two TYT products. ( HT & 440 mobile ) I just worry about my friends too much.

I am using a TYT TH-9800 in my vehicle and it preforms very well and I have been using it close to 2 years.

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Yes indeed Phil, I don’t think my particular case is any kind of bench mark. Even with a fan on my radios, my expert friends have concluded I probably toasted my TYT radio. Although 2 plus years of equal abuse to my ancient re-purposed Motorola radios have not sent them to the grave yard… With all common sense applied Motorola is not a good Ham / Amateur choice for certain. My relaxed and rational thought is TYT is probably as good as anything out there. Dudes as myself over react to product failures, many times it is our fault. With only 3 years under my belt my opinions are probably best taken as unsubstantiated commentary.

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