Who are the BCRO Net Controllers?

:smile_cat: I have a question on BCRO Thursday Net nights. Who are the Net Controllers? I know Alan has the 2nd Thursday of the month. Who are the scheduled net controllers for the 1st, 3rd, and 4th Thursday in the month?

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So, where did you move it?

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I have the 4th & 5th Thursday evenings.

Wayne - K5UNX

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I know I have been scarce on the Nets lately, but I am going to commit to checking in for tonight’s Net. Hope to hear everyone there.

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I guess if we are still needing controllers for the 1st and 2nd I could probably hop in on one of those.

Just dropping this in here for anyone that may be reading this thread and wondering “What Net? Where?”

2 Meter 145.290
PL 110.9 MHz
Thursdays @ 07:00 PM

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I need an echolink node for the net tonight… lol. Got roped into dinner.

Last year it was on echolink for a while. But it was someone experimenting at home and I don’t think they are running that any longer.

Well, I forgot that my HT’s can’t hit that repeater reliably, and I am multi-tasking tonight so I can’t go sit in the truck.

I’ll get that sorted for next week. 73’s to everyone who did make the net.

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