What frequency to use when repeater stops working?

When a repeater fails during use what frequency are we supposed to go to? I don’t remember if it is input or output. Perhaps that information can be added to the repeater information on the web site.

I would be more than happy to update the website with this information. Maybe @k5wlr can shed light on this question?

If you want hear who might be still trying to call through the repeater then you would listen to the repeater’s input freq.

If you want to contact them then you would need to transmit on the repeaters output freq.

A lot of radios have a reverse feature. It lets you quickly reverse the input and output freqs on your radio so you can do both of the above. My FT-8800 in my rack has that. I honestly don’t recall how right now but I have done it in the past. It would be good for me to look that up again.

I suppose another question might be if there is a prearranged simplex freq that we should switch to if this happens. I don’t think we do as a BCRO club.


I thought simplex would be used.

The output of the repeater as a simplex frequency with no PL setup is probably the best way. I’m probably too far away for this to work for me, but for Benton County base stations, this should be fine.