Weekly Report from My Station

Well, had a great time on FT8 this past week. I learned to setup and work Fox and Hound and picked up three stations in Africa using it. Africa was coming in very good on 20 meters about 20-21 hrs UTC. So mid-afternoon here with very strong signals, like -3 decibels!

I spent all Sunday afternoon installing, setting up, and figuring out how to use JTAlert on WSJT-X. It’s a great add-on. But glad I started with just the main program and got well acquainted with it before stepping up to use the add-on.

Then I ran a Windows 10 update.

Everything worked fine until I shut the computer down at bed time. Had a sleepless night, and when I got up to play radio, WSJT wouldn’t transmit. Still working through that issue with the SignaLink. Last time I had to do a reinstall of windows to fix it :-(.

But I received eight new LOTW confirms:
Norfolk Island
Ghana (been chasing it for months, but it was easy on Fox and Hound)
and French Polynesia

Overall, this makes 90 LOTW confirms and three direct QSL cards received so far, so I only need seven more confirms for DXCC!

Fun, fun, fun!


The latest large Win 10 update gave me issue with my SignaLink as well. I found that the output volume of the USB Codec device in Windows was turned down. I raised it back up and that solved my issue. All working again.


Thanks so much. Wayne. It solved the issue. It was set on 50%. Raised it back up to 100, and I’m in the ball game again!


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I have learned that using VOX with the SignaLink, that’s an important setting! :slight_smile:

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WSJTX@groups.io has had a discussion of this issue this week, and no one mentioned your fix, Wayne, and that’s the one that worked simply for me. Kudos, man!