W5VAN online weather station

What does it take to have an online weather station? Not as much as you would think. The first station I had only cost about 70 dollars.! Now it cost about $98.00. It was a Bios, or sometimes branded Thermor.
Thermor bios

This is the sensor for the one I have now. It is an Acurite 5 in 1

The Acu-rite 5-in-1 that I have is currently $140.00 on Walmart.com


I am using Weather-display software from weatherdisplay.com . Weather-display costs $60.00. You don’t have to use this , but it is great software with lots of power to do all sorts of things.


I don’t know why but now I want to put one of these on my balcony at my apartment…

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Very interesting, great heads up for the weather watchers, looks like a great " Bang for the Buck". As a former avid fisherman, I can see a wealth of great information dispensed from your own back yard. Good post ! Cheers from W5ZQI…

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Thanks for posting this Van. This is something I have wanted to do for a while. I actually wanted (still want) to build a Raspberry Pi driven station with a webcam that would go active during active Watch and Warnings.

These stations are the reason sites like Weather Underground can get so accurate to a location. The more stations reporting in the more accurate your forecast can get beyond what the NWS provides.

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You can connect it to the internet with the software that comes with it .Weather-Display just had lots of things you can do with it .

You are welcome.For some reason I have found that people all over the world look at my weather data. I feed it to APRS and the national weather service too.

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I have been having trouble lately with my internet provider dropping my signal. The software gets upset and hangs when that happens. If you notice it not working please send an email to me at w5van@cox.net. Thanks


Current weather summary click hyperlink below
I use a free server so sometimes updates are delayed or missing.


I do report to weather underground.


I don’t know how you can make a weather station out of a pie, but I like lemon meringue the most (jk).

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I have been reporting to weather Underground since February 15, 2009.

I won’t distract from your thread here, but I’ll gather some of the info i found about Pi and Arduino custom stations and start a new thread. You’ve inspired me to take another crack at it.

I know nothing about the Raspberry Pi so I am interested.

There is currently a thermor weather station on eBay for 59.99. make sure you get one with pc connection if this is the path you chose to take. I used that model for several years.