Video conferencing for social distance/any other 'teleworking' necessary meetings

With June quickly approaching I wanted to reach out to everyone here to see what we thought about video conferencing as an alternative means to in-person meetings. I can see multiple use cases past COVID-19 where this could be useful but I don’t necessarily want to add a new feature where it’s not wanted.

Discourse (the software hosting this forum) is capable of running video conferences without anyone needing to download any software. You can just come to a post and join. This is especially helpful for people that are using devices like Chromebooks where software downloads are not possible.

I’d like input on whether this is even a needed feature for the forum, or thoughts on how it could be used (if at all) after social distancing is over.

I believe this is worth looking into. After the current environment settles I could see the option being beneficial for smaller meeting such as board meetings or event planning. This could be especially helpful for people with busy schedules to be able to remotely join an in person meeting.

I am glad for anything Chromebook friendly. Yet to do any video conference or such like. I would give it a go. Might be fun, and might be the New Normal… Like Yoga pants, you adapt, for there is no place to hide.

Anything web based is good . . .easy to use with no software to install. Google has a new video conference capability.

I am also a member of the Bella Vista Radio Club. I actually am broadcasting monthly meetings via YouTube. I get call in users with Skype and using OBS broadcast to YouTube. I don’t have the bandwidth for doing that again, so maybe a video chat would work since BCRO is a smaller group. Just my 2 cents.

I’m open to the idea. Everything is Apple at my house.

I’m going to need some feedback from BCRO @officers, and in particular @wa1gon on how he would like to proceed here.

I am good with it. I know about Zoom and

We can certainly utilize Zoom or Google if you’d prefer, I just thought an option here on the forum would be useful so everyone doesn’t have to sign up for a platform just for meetings.

If Discourse has that function then I would say add it . . . If it doesn’t incur the club any costs unless approved first would be my only stipulation suggestion. If it’s a free add-on to the forum and our server will handle it then cool!

Currently I am donating all resources to BCRO for web so no cost to the club.

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I have the integration added. Will be making a test post shortly.

@wa1gon We have had a successful test of the software. I will leave it to you to make the call on if we use it or not. It’s tested and ready for the group.

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Let’s do it. Please update the main page of the web site with details.

Thank you for all your work on the site.

Darryl DE WA1GON