V.P. Shane is working on a Club Thing today

I am putting together a Club Loaner Station for Local FM voice. This will be a simple no complications portable situation, to be available to Members Only. The Beta station with an on air goal of 7 days will be tested by New Member KI5KTE Carla of Rogers. I want donations of possible usable gear. Truly today, I have most all pieces but sure could use a run of LMR400 or RG8/u ( or generic equivalent ) at 25’ or longer. Don’t need connectors but if they are attached all the better. I am hoping to put a couple of these stations into BCRO inventory for 2021. All the gear will belong to the club for the Loaner purposes, any member will be able to access their usage. Only 2m & 70cm related devices needed.


Hi Shane, I have the LMR 400 I also have FT 2500 2 Meter rig the Club can Have…

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Thank You Alan, For a great start… BCRO extends our collective gratitude for getting this project out of the starting gate… Now, to all potential gear donors don’t let this development slow you down. We need 2 maybe 3 in total loaner stations for 2021… Although not all need built in my current 7 day window, that’s just for the Beta Station…

Wonderful idea! Thank you Shane & Alan.