Topics for BCRO Nets?


Since I do two Nets some months, I thought I would ask. What would you like to talk about on the Nets? I have to admit just asking everyone what they have to share gets a little stale at times.

Listening to the Hogville Net that they have a short program at the beginning of their Nets. Some other Nets have a topic of the day. I don’t particularly want to copy what they are doing, so I thought I would ask you all would like to do? Any ideas?


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Wayne, as you know , I have been a Net Control veteran nearly three years and I am also deeply challenged to come up with fresh net ideas. You being a true intellectual voice in our Ham community and also suffering the challenges of Net Control makes me feel better in a strange way. Our participants really should jump in here with some old time out of the box thinking to help us create fresh and enjoyable net experiences. Please, all listen stations, help me and Wayne on this thread !

A couple of topic ideas I would like to hear might be “What do you hope to do with the club in 2021?” (in person gatherings will probably be a popular answer on this one right now) and “What radio activity do you enjoy that isn’t as common as a QSO?” Amateur radio opens the doors to a lot of hobbies beyond trying to make contacts or chatting about your day. I’m curious what interests everyone else.

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