To-Go Box Ideas

Would love to see some ideas on to-go boxes.

I contacted this ham (KD0WAT) this morning in KS during a POTA activation. Check out his QRZ page. He is a retired Boeing Tool and Manufacturing Engineer and has a great idea for a custom box. He built his out of angled aluminum stock, riveted it together, and then had it powder coated. Very nice.

Post any links to other you find and like.

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I saw his when I was researching how to build mine.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Not shown but the rack slips into a SPUD 7 dry box for transport. That can be seen here

But at that point I didn’t have the rack fully complete, it was missing the bottom plate with the various ports.


Good thread possibilities here. I now have a complete BuddiPole Deluxe Package and will be planning a remote operation radio bundle to match. I myself was inspired by Wayne’s meeting presentation of his Go Box and started my studies there. I will probably not Home Brew as Wayne does, but will be watching for ideas if this Post / Thread gets any momentum. By no means am I thinking emergency preparedness. I just really think getting away to a spot with radio fun sounds like an adult pursuit, leave the Frisbee and the family at home, pack a cooler full of sliced meat by products and Diet Coke. Let’s Roll Out, I will buy the Beef Jerky…

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