Thank you for field day

I wanted to thank you all for the hospitality shown yesterday at the wonderful field day event that was put together I felt right at home and was thrilled to see all the equipment and listen to the stories about the hobby. It is important for people interested in joining a new hobby to first see if they would even enjoy the people that would be associated in some way with who, what, where would be involved. So that you can make an informed choice and feel like your time and money are worth it. Gentlemen, you nailed it.
Thank you,


Neil Poff-I’ll second that Schaun! I’m a newbie and enjoyed the comradery and the personalities I talked with. Felt right at home and look to more of the same as I grow in this wonderful hobby!



Yes, I would like to echo the thanks above. We had a great turnout, and @alan1369 and @Skatz were outstanding hosts. Thank you for having us.

@W5ZQI thank you for all of your efforts with food prep and organization as well.

For a semi private and isolated field day I see this as a great success.

I didn’t get to attend on Sunday so I hope there was some good activity then as well,


Schaun, You Sir, are the genuine article. If they made a Schaun O’Brien bobble head collectible I would keep it in the unopened package and watch the value skyrocket. Then I would sell it on Ebay. Good Grief Charlie Brown, you are unfiltered, hand rolled insanity, and it was great meeting you. Get that radio license, we will take bets on how long you can hang on to it, since Howard Stern I don’t think the FCC has seen the likes… Cheers Bro and thanks for joining BCRO.

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I hit the study guides today and I assure you that I will be on the air before too long.

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It was a great time! I enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing what all was going on. Outstanding location and hospitality!

Roger, it was great to meet you. Thank You for joining BCRO. It is obvious that you love radio and you will be a great addition to The Club. It is a strange and challenging time for all radio clubs, limited activities and the lack of monthly gathering could lead to a lack of interest in club affiliations. Please be patient with our organization, somehow I know you will, I can’t say enough about how much BCRO needs guys like you. Your tech background, your eagerness to invest in your radio gear, and your kind easy going personality, will help BCRO in so many areas. Please take a close look at NWA Emcomm website also, you may find interest there. Although not directly affiliated Emcomm is very important to the BCRO and you may find a place among those extraordinary gentlemen that are putting sweat and soul into the public service vein of Amateur Radio… Cheers and Salutations Roger. We are all looking forward to your friendship…73

How in the world did I not know Neil Poff before Field Day. Five minutes into our first conversation I felt as if I had found a long lost brother that my Momma failed to tell me about. Neil, you go log into get in there create a log in identity and start getting serious. The site is free, it monitors your progress with the practice tests, and within a short time you will be ready to test. Let’s get you on the air where you belong. It’s a true honor to know you. When I see an item of great quality, I refer to it as " Top Shelf Smithsonian ", well Sir, that would be you. Thank you for joining BCRO… 73

Thank you very much Shane. Believe me when I say the feelings are mutual!!!