Testing used coax before installing connectors

I would like to know if their is a reliable way to test a piece of LMR 400 or RG8u that is well used before I install expensive UHF connections by crimp method. I am cutting down a long piece to make shorter ones. I don’t want to put expensive crimp on connectors on a mysterious length of cable to find out the cable is compromised.

Other than checking continuity and looking it over for damage or kinks, I don’t have any other methods in my toolbox.

Wow, Steve that is something many of us may have not been aware of. Certainly I was thinking there was a method of test to manage large tangled situations like ships and large buildings. That must be what TDR is about. Coax is a strange animal indeed, we as radio dudes really need to get a handle on such an important piece of kit. I will study on your post and see what develops. Thanks for the response. I fear we under estimate the coax situation, which leads to surprising disappointments.