Simplex Net, Launch & Schedule

Thursdays 6:30 pm Starting July 23 ( 147.420 ) Fridays 6:30 pm ( 147.420 ) Starting July 24 Saturdays 6:30 pm Starting July 25 ( 147.420 )… Yes indeed, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 6:30 pm… I probably could have made this look more understandable. Anyone in the mood can rewrite a post under this one to make it look better Wayne ?


Think that sums it up pretty well. We’ll get something on the calendar the these.

@W5ZQI just checking in to see how these are going so far. I haven’t been able to call in for one yet, and have only had the opportunity to even have the radio on once (last night). We are still planning on getting these added to the calendar, but are waiting for a coming update that will let us create recurring events since these will generate a lot of entries 3 days a week ongoing.

Greg, Thanks for asking. This Simplex experiment is an August thing only. We want participation in the NWA Emcomm Saturday August 29 gathering. It was an attempt at just a little radio activity away from repeaters so operators might assess their local simplex abilities on 2 meters… The turnout has been modest at best, although it was not expected to be a big deal really. In truth I was only hoping for BCRO participants at the onset. For the reason of getting BCRO members to participate with NWA EmComm with some idea of their simplex abilities. The EmComm guys show up. So it is a success in my mind. We have had a number of other stations non affiliated check in. At this point it is about to close business on Friday August 28… 73

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In that case I will get to moving on playing with additional HT tweaks and schedule this to be mobile for a coming attempt.

We are so very close to the upcoming NWA Emcomm gathering. Efforts now should be us inviting our fellow operators to the Saturday August 29 event. Also directing them to the NWA EmComm Website. The Simplex Net Experiment truly had a limited intention. Greg, if you was to invite just one operator and he showed up on the 29th, that would be far and above any net check in that talked to me at Prairie Creek on simplex but didn’t go to the NWA Emcomm event.

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I’ll do better than just one :+1:

Might be too little too late… but I did put it on the calendar.

Shane, I could hear you in Gentry last week and this week but it was just enough to make out about 90% of what you said. I didn’t try to call for you because all I have is a weaky squeaky J pole and didn’t think I could make the trip. There may have to be an antenna upgrade in my not so distant future… :+1:

Well, thanks for tuning in. Lyn, this Simplex is just a temporary adventure, although it’s healthy practice to get a feel for repeater free radio activity to find your 2 meter and 70 centimeter range from the house. Like Christmas morning and those shiny new Walkie Talkies, you are quick to find the maximum distance connection even if you have to talk to your little sister… My take on FM is never to be satisfied with your signal, always pursue more and better. 73

Jonathan and I went mobile tonight. Threw a few calls out but never heard anything back.

It was radio silence for Simplex check in. Weather is just too nice. If I had my priorities and values in line I probably would have missed the Simplex extravaganza myself. The bread rack shack under the A/C vent and two 12" fans keeping me and my Motorola at operating temps is a hard location to vacate under most any conditions. I need a hobby…

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