Shane W5ZQI & Virus Concerns

I would rather not be " that guy ", the one bringing up the current health scare and his concerns for his beloved radio friends. Well, here goes, are the Board of Directors considering suspensions of monthly meetings ? Is the Presidency actively putting insight into the possible low meeting turnout due to participants with chronic ailments such as Shane ? Let’s talk here now. We have a meeting coming up in 2 days…73

Since when gave you stopped being “that guy”?

As to the topic at hand - my vote is to skip the meeting. I have a BIL at home that is recovering from esophagus cancer surgery and working with limited lung capacity. Our household will be actively limiting unnessicary exposure.

There is probably a 99% chance I will stay home as well.

Something to consider . . an outside the box for meetings the next few months. Skype, Zoom, or just use the repeater more.

Maybe a Net in lieu of the Meeting? Topics might include discussion of what Members are doing differently at work and /or home in these interesting times.

Using the Net format we could get updates from our esteemed BoD’s and Committee Chairs.

Dennis, you know me all too well, and correctly I have always been " that guy ". To the embarrassment and disgust of my family, indeed I was born " that guy ". To be honest my deepest concerns are truly with the safety of my friends. I just didn’t want to be the voice of paranoia. You read me easily, I suspect you have met a few Pirates that behave as I do… Cheers Bro…

Hopefully Shane other Members will chime in with their views…