September Meeting Agenda Items

As time seems to do, it is flying by this month! We are halfway through August and with our new online meeting format established I would like to open up the agenda to the public and general membership of the club.

If you have a topic or announcement that you would like to have brought up during our September meeting please leave a note here. All submissions will be subject to leadership approval before being included, but no reasonable topic will be ignored. This includes any requests for technical or operational demonstrations/presentations.

Please limit your post to agenda items only. We will use the meeting for discussion, and can expand in individual forum topics as needed.

Some of the items discussed during our August meeting for anyone that missed out:

Club Fundraising
Club Website usage and maintenance
Club Owned mobile radio platform
Introduction of new members
Updates on Club repeater maintenance
Possibly of encouraging parking lot testing by our partner VEC
A short presentation of Darryl’s (WA1GON) HAMBus project

If you miss a meeting and would like to get caught up on important discussions or voting you can find our meeting minutes within the main site at the following link:

We have been seeing a solid turnout for our virtual meetings, but would like to see those numbers grow as we get used to this “new normal”.

Hope to see you all at our next meeting!

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