Revisiting Special Event Stations

Been enjoying reworking some special event stations–this time in CW. Summer of 2019 was my first year on the air and I picked up a lot of SES celebrating anniversaries such as 75th DDay invasion, 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing SES and a host of others. This summer I’ve been able to rework some of those annual special events on CW: 13 Colonies, Route 66, and this morning WW0WWV in Fort Collins, CO. Fun, maybe next summer: RTTY–if they are available!

If you are just getting onto HF, I recommend you keep an eye out of these kind of stations. They are fun, no-pressure, and provide a good intro into operating on HF. POTA stations are my favorite. I don’t usually have time to ragchew, so quick contacts are the ticket for me. Also makes it easy chasing awards.