Randy M. NM0G, Rogers, AR

Introduce yourself by answering these questions:

What is your name? Randy Marion
What is your license level? Extra
What is your favorite operating mode or activity? CW
Is there anything else we should know about you? Licensed 35+ years and am VE.


Welcome to the forums Randy! Glad to have you here! 35+ years licensed as awesome. You’ll fit right in here. We have an #operating:cw category that @W5AAJ is pretty active in. If you get the chance we’d love it if you would share some CW stories!

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Welcome to the forum, Randy! Please do share you CW experience with us. I’m a noob, and working on WAS Triple Play. Finding the nicest folks along the way!


Randy, Thank You for getting in the Forum. Very nice call sign you have, that’s a keeper. 35 years and then some with radio, I hope you find time to share with us here. This crowd is hungry for knowledge and entertainment. I will be watching for your posts and responses… Cheers & 73

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