Progress on Triple Play

Making good progress on Triple Play. I have 9 states with confirmed Triple Play LOTW credits. More confirms awaiting!

Bands have been kind of funky the past few days with lots of QSB. Lost a couple of contacts in the noise, but those are challenging to me. I like the weak signal CW the best! Makes use of strategy, such as timing with the fading, abbreviations, and the use of “?” which I love, di-di-dah-dah-di-dit for “repeat please” or “is this frequency in use/anybody there?” POTA is providing a lot of short CW contact moments this spring. Check out their spotting page: .

But my most exciting CW contact was last Saturday with NB6GC USS Hornet SES in CA on 17m . New CW band for me. I sent them a donation for their special QSL package which includes a CD of 600 photos. Check out their QRZ page. The antennas on board are original. I remember watching Nixon on TV landing on the Hornet to greet returning Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969.

Nothing much happening on DX for me this past week. Picked up another Bonaire station last night on FT8, hopefully for a LOTW confirm. Really trying to find a good window for Asia and Western Australia. Pretty hard right now with the band conditions and distances of 8,000-10,000 miles on a dipole.

Have fun and 73

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Scott, I wanted to look into your USS Hornet QSO. I did not find that call sign on QRZ. Are you referring to maybe SAS Sea Air and Space museum. SES is Surface Effect Ship, and my Dad was involved in their development but somehow seems unrelated. Maybe we have some old time typographical errors here. Help me out Bro. Seems like a very cool contact, I want too see what you got there…

May bad, Shane. It’s NB6GC. I will change it above also. Thanks.