Portable Masts for Ham Radio

Thinking about a Spiderbeam 12m mast for a HF half wave end fed antenna. Don’t know much about the collapsible mast options and ran across this video that was helpful. He also includes a couple of options for setting up portable emcomm VHF antennas.

I’ll have to research the sotabeam masts and antennas also.

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www.go-vertical-usa.myshopify.com I bought stuff there. Not the best price, but some ideas are lurking among his products.

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Thanks for sharing this. I will, hopefully, be setting up a mobile/camping station and a telescopic mast is going to be a key component for the build.

You bet. Would be interested in what solutions you arrive at.

Found another mast company that re-purposes military surplus and commercial items.

Looks like their prices are a bit lower.

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Thanks Scott, the go vertical place really hits hard on shipping. I been looking to avoid ebay. So any place with military surplus is great heads up. Unless someone does the actual surfing and gives me a holler, I am unlikely to find anything of value. Me and KI5FAQ are probably both looking to build " go stations " … All the, on the go stuff, will be of interest. This is not turning the topic ! We are still talking masts here.

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Don’t know about shipping on tmastco.com. Looks like you need to request a price quote from them.

I have a sotabeams pole. It’s too flexible for my liking. It took me a while to figure out how to put it up by myself . . I was using a sotabeams lightweight dipole so they should “work” together but I am not happy with it. I am considering a spiderbeam pole as they are said to be stiffer. I’ll have to watch the video you posted then see if that changes my mind.

Thanks for the feedback, Wayne. That’s sorta what I thought too about the sotabeams. I’m probably done backpacking and so I don’t need the portability of the lighter weight poles.

Two other YouTube channels have some helpful stuff on this topic also. Tracy on Outdoors on the Air:

tips on using telescoping masts

and Radio Prepper

review of the Spiderbeam 12m

Here’s another useful video, using speaker wire for the antenna. Using his idea you might have to get creative with figuring out how to mount it. Looks like he just stood it up against a tree. I saw one video of someone who took straps and tied them out and staked them in the ground on four sides about 4’ up the mast.

The 20’ Shakespeare WonderPole are due to be back in stock on 9/30. This are fiberglass and not as delicate as carbonfiber, although it sounds like the tips still can break easily.

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