Porta Potty and " I got a guy " Please Look!

I am about to secure a Porta Potty rental for the 2020 Field Day Extravaganza. If you know a guy, or you have family, friends or a Mother in Law that is well connected in the Porta Potty business please contact Shane. Insider Porta Potty info is of the utmost importance to me. Contact me soon if you know someone in the Porta Potty doing business and ready to deal…Thank You.

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Is it you dooty to secure a porta potty? Will someone create a big stink if we don’t have one? Don’t strain yourself too hard while searching…

Okay I’m done now.


Jonathan, I appreciate you taking that one to the fence, even with nobody on base. Yes, we do need a facility outside on the grounds. Alan & Sheila are hospitable, kind and generous, but in all fairness, using their private domestic throne room for a possible two day gathering of this magnitude would be way too much to ask of them. I am networking for a good deal, and some lighthearted comedy is always welcome… Porta Potties are a tragic Field Day dilemma like a sad low hanging dipole or a burnt hot dog, although we must endeavor to persevere…