Playing around with Echolink and a massive worldwide link system

I’ve been playing around with Echolink since I acquired my license but just recently really started monitoring some different conferences. I’ve found one that I really like and thought I would share here in case anyone else is curious.

It’s called the Worldwide DX-LINK System and the guy running it is Thomas Isabella K2HZE and he runs over 10 nodes to make a massive linked system across many modes, repeaters, and countries. I don’t know what some of these systems are but here is the massive list of nodes/reflectors you can join to talk into the K2HZE Worldwide DX-LINK System:

  • Echolink Node 356937
  • Allstar Nodes 41603 41606
  • DSTAR Reflector XRF256D
  • Peanut Reflector XLX256D
  • Brandmeister TG31777
  • Yaesu Wires-X 43581
  • Yaesu System Fusion Reflector 11102
  • NXDN 31777
  • P25 31777
  • Hamshack Hotline Node 94020

Tom’s system is really incredible and I’m enjoying researching all the technology that he is using and listening to the QSOs that happen on his system.

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