Other Digital Modes: RTTY et al

I’ve enjoyed FT8 very much. But I notice there are some DXing opportunities with RTTY, so I downloaded and installed Fldigi.

W1HKJ Software

I have yet to fully configure it, but was able to “read” some CW conversations this morning with it. It’s not fool proof but depending on the sender you can get a pretty good idea of the conversation and hear the Morse code at the same time. Pretty cool.

Fldigi is capable of several different digital modes including: CW, PSK31, and RTTY.

I also found this tutorial which looks very useful and I’ll begin to go through it over the next several days and try to get it set up better.

Getting Started with FLDIGI

I know several of the experienced operators at BCRO use Fldigi a lot. Hope they can comment on their uses and experiences with it!

And I hope you have as much fun exploring digimodes as I have had.


RTTY has such a romantic history, it is a truly beautiful mode. I remember my California Junior High School had multiple teletype machines in the 1970’s, connected to the major news sources of the day. I was absolutely addicted to them. Strangely at that time I was the only student that was passionate about sitting there as often as possible for as long as possible watching that breaking news rattle out of those fabulous machines. The romance was beyond words. RTTY is stone cold classic communication. Keep us informed on your progress. I am aware of the efficiency and importance of new tech in communication but I feel RTTY must live on as a testament to brilliance.

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Awesome, Shane. Quite the connection you have with said mode.

I’ve noticed a few DXpeditions doing only RTTY and CW as their digital modes. It must be a purest thing, kinda like fly-fishing, hihi.

Just checking the web clusters, here’s RTTY DX opportunities this morning:
[US] [Digital] 1356Z = 2256JST SFI=71 SSN=0 A=8 K=1
NG7M 1349Z 14086.5 RTTY W3FIZ
4Z5FI 1348Z 14100.5 RTTY K1MK
S51CK 1347Z 14087.7 RTTY N4QS
KP4KE 1346Z 14099.1 RTTY N5KB
RK3DXW 1346Z 14094.8 RTTY N5KB
SP5KP 1346Z 14093.8 RTTY N4QS
SP2FUD 1346Z 14094.8 RTTY N5KB
CO2RQ 1341Z 14088.7 RTTY N5KB
YB7OO 1336Z 7038.7 RTTY SP DX NG7M
G3TXF 1334Z 14129.0 RTTY N4QS
WD5DBV 1334Z 14130.3 RTTY N3QE
VK4SN 1334Z 7048.5 RTTY SP DX NG7M
OK2D 1331Z 14125.8 RTTY N4QS
EA2DLX 1326Z 14128.7 RTTY K1MK
VK4QH 1326Z 7046.3 RTTY SP DX NG7M
JG1LFR 1325Z 7044.0 RTTY SP DX NG7M
PA2IP 1324Z 14099.4 RTTY N4QS
NX6T 1321Z 7044.5 RTTY SP DX NG7M
SP9N 1320Z 14084.3 RTTY N4QS

Not set up to operate yet, though.