NWA EmComm Ham In The Park

On Saturday January 25 we will be setting up a tactical net control area in Bentonville at the pavilion (Red Circle on the map) located on the back of the circle drive at the Bentonville Community Center 1101 SW Citizens Circle, Bentonville, AR 72712. See the map at the end of this email. We will start setup at dawn and are scheduled to be on the air at 10 am.

We will meet for coffee or breakfast, your choice, at 6:00 am at the McDonalds at 805 SW Regional Airport Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712 and will leave for the site at dawn.

We will be setting up a net control command connection with Benton County emergency operations. We will use BCRO repeaters for main frequencies. We will test connections with Benton County EOC on all the NWA reginal net frequencies. We will also be establishing communications with Stations on 20, 40 and 80 meters and reporting contacts to the EOC. We would like hams interested in participating to come to our tactical location, the Bentonville Community Center pavilion and set up what equipment they have and making reportable contacts and participating on the command net.

All who cannot participate in person at the tactical location can join the command net from their location and report all contacts they make on other frequencies. We will also be setting up a net on the AMRRON Voice and Digital frequencies. All frequencies are listed below and are available on the nwaemcomm.com web site. We will be closing the event at 12pm noon with a short onsite after action review. Additional after action reports and comments will be accepted on the web site contact form.

All who wish to stay on location and operate may do so until dark.

This activity is on the same day as the first day of ARRL Winter Field Day so there should lots of hams on the air. We will be doing a tactical setup on a monthly basis and using a call up phone list, email, and phone messaging to let those wanting to participate know the location, time and instructions. The purpose of these events is to prepare for emergency activation.

Frequency Offset Tone Location County Call
145.2900 -0.6 110.9 Centerton Benton KD5DMT
146.9250 -0.6 114.8 Decatur Benton N5UXE
146.9550 -0.6 110.9 Pea ridge Benton K5SRS
147.2250 0.6 103.5 Lowell Benton K5SRS
147.2550 0.6 Bella Vista Benton KD5UFY
147.3750 0.6 103.5 Rogers Benton KE5LXK
146.7000 -0.6 110.9 Elkins Washington WC5AR
146.7600 -0.6 110.9 Prairie Grove Washington WC5AR
146.8650 -0.6 103.5 Johnson, Fitzgerald, Mountain Washington KE5LXK
147.0300 0.6 110.9 Fayetteville, Mount Sequoyah Washington WC5AR
147.1350 0.6 110.9 Fayetteville, U of A Washington W5YM
443.025 5 110.9 Mt Whitney Benton
146.52 SIMPLEX

20M VOICE 10;00-10;15AM 20M DIGITAL 10;15-10;30AM

40M VOICE 10;30-10;45AM 40M DIGITAL 10;45-11;00AM

80M VOICE 11;00-11;15AM 80M DIGITAL 11;15-11;30AM


HF 20m and 40/80m voice and digital. Frequencies are +/-depending on QRM.

20M Voice 14.342 USB Digital 14.110 USB (Contestia4/250) 1200 on the waterfall

40M Voice 7.242 LSB Digital 7.110 USB (Contestia4/250) 1200 on the waterfall

80M Voice 3.818 LSB Digital 3.588 USB (Contestia4/250) 1200 on the waterfall