NM0G Introduction and questions

Hi Folks,

I thought I might redo this introduction since I’m just starting to settle in back in Arkansas:

Name: Randy Marion NM0G (No Money, Zero Gold)
License: Extra Class from the 80’s

Favorite Mode: I got hooked on CW in the 80’s and worked it for years starting with a straight key, Vibroplex and MFJ Keyer.

Sorry to say… for me personally, I like the purity of it so no computer readers/writers for me… hihihihi… Though I’m wayyy out of practice, I’ve started refreshing with my recent move back to Arkansas using the G4FON Morris Code training software for Windows.

It will take you from 0 wpm to 80 if you want to get there. It’s similar to the ‘BASH’ tapes an uncle of mine gave me back in about 1983 where the code letters were taught at 25 wpm, but the spacing between the letters was lengthened to start at 5 wpm.

This made it impossible for you to memorize the ‘dit…dahhhhh’ patterns and taught you to learn the character as a musical note. So, you don’t run into the 13 wpm “I can’t write the dits and dahs down fast enough??!” I took a novice class, with no code knowledge and passed all code and written exams 6 weeks later for an Extra ticket, the only Ham license I’ve ever had.

I agree that in the ‘post cold war’ time it was essential for Radio experimenters to know Morris Code. However, with the explosion in technology the last 20+ years, requiring it for current licensing, other than specialty, is debatable .

BUT… yea, you knew this was coming; WHEN the Internet fails, which means Cell Phones and all communications other than RF fail… The age-old, reliable, Altoids-Can 9-Volt transceiver will communicate with the world…

Sometimes Favorite Movie: The Flight of the Phoenix
Every time I watch it, I’m just waiting for one of the passengers to be a Ham, who takes the junk radios and makes a 5w CW transmitter and gets them rescued.

My background is in Electronics and Computers in which I have worked for 30+ years.

I am a Hardware and Software Engineer by trade. I attended NC State University as a double major in Electrical Engineering & Physics and later completed BS and MS degrees in Information Systems. I’m currently about to start a MS program in Cybersecurity at Georgia Tech and am pursuing a Doctorate in Information Systems.

Question: Can someone fill me in on the Repeaters local to East Rogers and the local nets? Especially any ‘tones’ I’ll have to mod my Kenwood TH-215 or Azden PCS-4000.


Randy NM0G

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Randy, I really enjoyed your new introduction, and I apologize for my late response. Your background and your personal takes on radio make you a wonderful addition to our forum. I am very limited in my own radio transmissions and have some weakness addressing a good advice comment on local Nets… I am sure you know of www.repeaterbook.com that has been my go to advice for local repeaters… My geographical location keeps me off some good local nets. Someone will jump in here at some point with relevant information soon ( I hope ) our local Ham community is very kind and helpful on all aspects of radio and the local club websites may be of great assistance… Cheers Randy, Thank You for being here !