New Yaesu Ft-70DR

Does anybody have a file for the local repeaters in Northwest Arkansas they would be willing to send me. I got a new radio and programing is a pain.

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Welcome! I don’t have a file specifically for the FT-70DR, but if someone can confirm the format from the ftm-400xdr will work I can give you that.

I would be happy to share my file for my FT-60. What software do you have to program it with? I use RT Systems. I can export the data into a csv file then you could import it into your software possibly. I might be missing a few repeaters but I have a lot of them.

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I have the ADMS-70D-USB software and thank you for your help

I looked on qrz for your email but didn’t seem to show one. Shoot me an email to k5unx at and I’ll send the csv file.

There is also