Needing MMDVM Help?

Getting into digital SLOWLY Got a Baofeng DMR portable (DM-1801) and a MMDVM just could use some local guidance setting this it all up once this COVID mess is over or near over. :mask:

Are you going to be at field day? I can bring my laptop and a router and help you out with this.

Unfortunately I will be stuck at work during Field Day

Understood. What are you stuck on for setup? I can likely help remote.

Last I can recall it was still setting up the hotspot where I can tether it off my phone and/or my home network. mainly right now I need some time for it too.

Patriot Net on 80 m 3.592 1200 on waterfall ctstia 4/250 for mode at 7pm central Sat.
Amrron has nets 2 times a month and their schedule is on their web site

Iā€™d be glad to assist when you find some time just remind me here and we can jump on a zoom call or something.

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