NASA's Deep Space Network

In case you missed last week’s trivia, the question was about communication between earth and the Voyager spacecraft. There is a lot of really cool information out there about the DSN and it is a rabbit hole of information for sure. For any others that want to go down that hole as I did, here’s a bunch of information for you to ingest. :smiley:

The trivia question came from the website All About Circuits and their post Communicating Over Billions of Miles: Long Distance Communications in the Voyager Spacecraft. I found the content fascinating! There is way more info in that post than I could ingest in one reading and found my self having to go back several times to get it all in my brain.

For those of you that are more visual learners :laughing: you can take a look at the below videos. Be warned they are quite long, but they are very educational!

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Another one along those line . . I have added the above and this one to my watch later list so I don’t forget.

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I loved this trivia question because it was deeply rooted in my first love, space. Much like yourself, I went deep down the rabbit hole as I was learning more about this system.

Very cool question. I’m looking forward to future topcis.

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I was also quite enthralled with this Trivia. Extraordinary topic that inspired some very entertaining discoveries for me. Space may not have been my first love like our buddy Greg KI5FAQ, but it sure is fun stuff, real or science fiction it’s always quality entertainment. My first love was my mom’s potato salad. It is not officially documented, although it has been passed down in legend that my first love was indeed potato salad.