Most up-to-date repeater list

Just getting back into radio after a few years away and I noticed that some of the repeaters on my old list aren’t active. For example, 146.500 IRLP repeater in Farmington is apparently gone. The Siloam repeater has moved to Gentry, etc. I’m looking for the most up to date list I can find. I’ve got my old dual band antenna back up, I’m about to order a cheap Chinese radio off Amazon (my Yaesu FT2500M doesn’t seem to want to hit repeaters, although simplex works) and I’m wanting to see what repeaters I can and can’t hit.

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You might need to double check the offset and PL on them with or

I checked and double checked and triple checked. That radio just won’t work when a tone is involved. It’ll do the offset just fine. It shows that on the display when I key up, but the tone isn’t working.

At one time, there was a linked repeater system that had an antenna near the Bobby Hopper Tunnel that would reach to Eureka. Is that still operating?

We try to keep an updated account of area repeaters, but it’s Benton county only. Otherwise you can check RepeaterBook.

I believe the NWA Link System is what you’re referring to. The full repeater list can be found on repeater book.