Member Spotlight: N5SQY Rob Shertzer | Benton County Radio Operators

by Shane Fitzmaurice - W5ZQI in

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What a great choice of radio @N5SQY! Both @KI5FAQ and myself also chose this particular rig and as far as Im concerned it was a fantastic choice. Just wish we had a WIRES-X repeater up here!

Addressing the entire Forum Community Regarding our May Member Spotlight : Attention Please, Rob Shertzer is on the air daily, he is actively participating in most all local nets. He is a great conversationalist and well versed in many modern technical subjects. Do not pass up a chance for a QSO with Rob on Local FM Repeaters. He will talk about anything from Lawnmowers to American History and Culture. He is humble, friendly and a new BCRO member in good standing. A fine addition to our group… You will benefit from his friendship… Cheers & 73