May/June Issue of On the Air - Go Kit Basics

If you are an ARRL member, you have a choice to receive the traditional publication QST or the new publication, On the Air, geared towards new hams. I get the latter and enjoy it more. You can read either in digital format.

In this issue of On the Air, which I received today, there’s some brief articles on Better Repeater Operating, Building a Portable Antenna Mount, Shopping for a Mobile Radio, and How to Put together a Go-Kit, and more.

I thought the Go-Kit Must Haves were worth noting. The magazine is worth signing up for an ARRL membership, in my opinion. There is also a spread on the upcoming Field Day.



Scott, do you know how to change your subscription? I get QST and it’s not great in my opinion :smile:
I looked on my profile but I don’t see an easy way to switch.

You have to renew your membership to change the subscription… Not paying early just for a magazine.

Right, Jonathan, so in that case, you just go online and read the digital issue of On the Air. Membership gives you access. You can also search and access all the archived issues of it and QST!

I agree. QST is really for advanced hams. I rarely even thumbed through the whole issue my first year, except for looking up radio reviews in previous issues. Those are great!


I am planning on switching over when I renew as well, but as Scott just mentioned we still get the digital versions.

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I have to say also, the customer support from ARRL is excellent. Sometimes the support person does not speak on the level of a new ham, but they are great about follow-up questions and help. Remember, also that a lot them are volunteers and have been doing some of those jobs for years. LOL

Actually I was able to call them and change mine. Toll Free: 1-888-277-5289 (US)


If you have an iPad or tablet, you can install their app and read all the magazines. There are now four I believe. I don’t even read the paper copy any more, I just donate it to the VA at the recycling center.