Let's play some trivia! Week of May 11th

Trivia Rules
  1. Don’t google for the answer, i.e. don’t type the question directly in Google (you can still do research)
  2. Don’t post your answer in this thread
  3. Don’t cheat and PM your answer/ask for the answer from someone else

As amateur radio operators, there are a lot of guidelines and ‘best practices’ we should stick to. Whether it’s to protect ourselves, our equipment, or others; the guidelines are there for a purpose.

One good practice requires your antenna to…

  • be as short as possible
  • be over 50 feet in the air
  • have a low SWR
  • be fed with coax

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Good job everyone! @alan1369 better luck next time :smiley:

For those interested, I really like Jim’s, W6LG, explanation of SWR. It’s only 12 mins long and pretty easy to understand even for a newbie like me!

Nice video. I suppose I really should get some kind of SWR meter now.

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