Last Remaining "Active" Commercial Coastal CW Station

This video tour was posted on Reddit and I thought some of you might find it interesting as well. Many of you are probably already familiar with them, but this was new to me and actually makes me want to visit the area to spend an afternoon in the active museum. Keep in mind this is not a technical discussion of CW or what the station is doing, but more a historical look at a CW time capsule.

KPH Radio Station


I think I saw this. It is cool. Do they still use it for Special Event Stations?

So I was doing a little CQing on 80m tonight on FT8. One of the stations that came back to me was WCC Amateur Radio Club in Chatham, MA–WA1WCC. Look them up QRZ where they have a very good page full of history for this sister maritime CW listening and op center on the east coast. These were some fascinating stations that played a big part in maritime and national history.

According to the video it sounds like they do. She kind of skims over everything pretty quickly.