KI5FPA Saying Hi

Introduce yourself by answering these questions:

What is your name? Dennis Lightbourn
What is your license level? Technician - for now!
What is your favorite operating mode or activity? 2m Nets, building antennae.
Is there anything else we should know about you? I am looking forward to growing my skills and our Club.

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Welcome Dennis! Glad to have you here!

A big W5ZQI welcome to Dennis, So good he is now on the new BCRO forum. To all listening stations : I must encourage that you introduce yourself to Dennis at a meeting or strike up an “on the air” QSO when opportunity permits. I have had a kitchen table QSO with him and let me tell you, this fellow has been living a life that could be an award winning documentary. Do not pass up the chance to get to know this fine gentleman. He will prove to be a priceless addition to your circle of influence and a great BCRO member… Cheers and Salutations Dennis, We are so glad you chose BCRO as a place to help get your Amateur Radio experience going… 73

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Welcome Dennis!
Don’t forget if you have a hf radio you can use a portion of the 10 meter band. It comes and goes but when it opens you can go far on low wattage. My first ham radio was a 35 watt 10 meter radio and my first contact I ever made was to a ham in Florida on an old cb vertical ground plane antenna. I once contacted a station in Canada from south louisiana with a fiberglass whip antenna mounted in my trailer hitch. Have fun!!

Hey Dennis, welcome to the forums! It sounds like there are a lot of us Techs looking to upgrade this year :+1: