KE5LYN Introduction

Introduce yourself by answering these questions:
Hello all,
What is your name? Lyn Wade
What is your license level? General
What is your favorite operating mode or activity? I enjoy mainly phone operation. I’m new to VHF/UHF repeater work but have a little bit of SSB HF operating experience. Don’t really have the antennas/room for antennas for most bands at least not until I get my own house.
Is there anything else we should know about you? I’ve been a licensed ham since 2007. I work at a CNC machine shop in Rogers as a CNC maintenance Tech.


Great to have you on the Forum. Get comfortable, and jump in when you can. The vibe is mellow here, the neighbors are quiet, and good information is always free of charge. Dress casual, and remember to tip your waitress… Cheers Bro…

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Welcome to the forums Lyn! Heard you on the net tonight and am glad to have you join our community here.

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Thank you both. Great to be here.

Welcome aboard Lyn! Glad to hear a new voice on the net and the forums!