ISS Radio upgrade live as of 8/2

The new radio arrived as part of the March restock mission and is a rather heavily modified Kenwood D710GA. The ISS crew has it currently running in cross-band repeat on the following frequencies:

  • Uplink Frequency: 145.990 MHz, PL 67.0 Hz
  • Downlink Frequency: 437.800 MHz

The ISS will be making several daily passes over the next few days/weeks so be ready to give it a listen or maybe make some new contacts with an orbiting assist.

You can read more about the upgrade and future plans for increasing amateur operations on station HERE

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Here is quite a bit more detail on the modified 710 and the antenna setup they are running on the ISS now.

Just saw this notice on QRZ of an upcoming live interview with the astronaut.

"The new radio on the International Space Station is now up and running! Frank Bauer, KA3HDO and members of the ARISS team will be on the show LIVE Thursday night (9/17) to talk about it and take your questions and comments.

Tune into Ham Talk Live! Thursday night at 9 pm EDT (Friday 0100Z) by going to When the audio player indicates LIVE, just hit the play button! "

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I was not able to watch this last night, but am looking forward to checking it out sometime this weekend.

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I haven’t checked it out either. Too much going on at the moment.