Introduce yourself by answering these questions:

What is your name?
Sometimes I wonder too!. My name is Susan Walker.

What is your license level?
Tech for since January 2019.

What is your favorite operating mode or activity?
Honestly…it is not Simplex or Distance. My favorite mode of operating is “SOCIALLY”. I want to listen and learn. I want to get to know a wide VARIETY of individuals and learn from them. YOU HAVE SKILLS I WANT TO KNOW. Those skill may have nothing to do with radio. You might know farming, chickens, when I need to keep my ponies of the spring grass (I learned the hard way), how to fix a clothes washer, how to build a root cellar….Who knows ?

Is there anything else we should know about you.
I still consider myself as a very new radio user who is learning everyday. I never studied so hard in my life, to pass the Tech test. I was brain dead after I took my test. It took me about three months to prepare and three months to recover… Then I realized ***I REALLY DID IT !***Now I have a handheld and love it.

As a women, I consider Ham Radio as a very important tool to ensure the safety and welfare of my family. I consider Ham Radio so very important, I continue to study and practice.


Hobbies: Beagles, animals, country fresh air, antiques, genealogy, fringe topics such as Big Foot, fringe theological topics, books………continious learning and helping people.

Oh… did I mention beagles and animals ?

I grew up in Nebraska and still consider myself a “prairie pioneer”.

I have lived in Arkansas since 1981. I discovered my maternal Great Great Grand Parents lived in Fayetteville Arkansas in 1900; and are buried in the Fayetteville Arkansas National Cemetery. Now I consider myself as “Coming Home”.

I discovered that my Great Great Grand Father was a UNION civil war veteran buried in a southern National Cemetary. I then discovered that my great great grand parents were “Brethren” living in Indiana when President Lincoln called for all able bodied men to enlist. Brethren are Pacifists but when faced with choices, Great Great Grand Father Mummert chose liberty for all people.


Welcome to the Forums Susan! Glad to have you here! I also prefer eyeball QSO’s sometimes too as I’ve heard other put it. Definitely agree that Amateur Radio is a tool to be used in emergency/communication preparedness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and experiment too right?!!

Welcome to the forums Susan! Since we got licensed around the same time I have enjoyed watching/listening to you grow in the “hobby”. You have an eagerness to learn that is contagious.

Beautiful, informative and honest posting introduction. Well done Susan. Such a great personal view of Ham Radio. You are a joy to all that know you, on radio, and at the clubs. Keep up being you, and Ham radio is better for all of us… 73

Welcome, Susan. And thank you for serving as Secretary!