Interesting Band Conditions

Since the 9/27, I’ve seen a shift in band conditions across the major DX bands–40, 20, and 17m. The equatorial regions have become strong, and I have been able to pick up some All Time New Ones (ATNOs) and repeats on new bands. Africa, and especially the Madagascar zone, has been good:

ZR and ZS (South Africa) New Bands
FR (Reunion Island) ATNO and New CQ Zone
9J (Zambia) ATNO
S7 (Seychelles) ATNO
V5 (Namibia) ATNO
TR (Gabon) New Band
Z8 (South Sudan) ATNO and New CQ Zone

Anything within the line from Arkansas to Japan to Portugal and Sardinia has been fair game–and to the south Pacific as well. Japan and Pacific West Coast and New England, Ontario, the Maritime Provinces, and Greenland and Norway have been possible at times, but here in the states it’s as if any northern states in the midwest and plains, and mid and western Canada don’t exist. I still need ND, SD, and UT for WAS on 17m and it’s not been possible make contacts there.

Nothing to complain about though. Things will change. Just interesting how conditions change from time to time.

This morning, I made 9 contacts on FT8 17m in about 20 minutes and half of them were calling me! Oman, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Bosnia.

Chasing DX is fun and I am enjoying adding awards and counts. Takes some work and commitment to actively chase after entities, but so much fun.

Hope you can get on the air with HF this fall if you are not already there.

And hope to see you on the bands!

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