Important News From Shane

I will be creating a Simplex Net. It will air within a week. It will not be a round table fun for all conversational net. We will check in to evaluate our clubs ability to communicate simplex away from repeater systems. There will be challenges and troubles for all stations. The goal will be to learn our VHF / UHF individual capabilities. The reasoning behind this Net will become obvious and clear to participants as they uncover their stations abilities. Those stations who stay with me on this Net project will find great satisfaction and we will move to aid and subsidize the very important exercises forthcoming with The NWA EmComm… Please consider, and post some day and time ideas that fit your lifestyle and I will choose a Net time based on consensus. We will begin Net Testing on VHF 147.420 We will move to other frequencies for testing as we develop a group. Please Post a note if you are interested…


I will attend the nets.

Excellent !
Terrific !
Splendid !

I’m interested, but I’m probably too far south to participate.


This is a great idea. I will attempt to participate, an will improve my operating situation through experimentation until I am able to do so regularly and with a clear signal.

I will definitely participate as I am able . . . I am in Bella Vista so it might be difficult. I might try my Log Periodic if my attic antenna doesn’t let me make contact.

I’ll be listening.


Will Rogers, The Velvet Voice. Will, at first there may be very little successful contact. There will be possibly other stations in Fayetteville, Prairie Grove, and Springdale that may be in range for you at the Net time. I would like Operators in range of each other to QSO with a focus on signal report and location distance and geography. We may encourage our free wheeling mobile members to go find a spot and experiment also. Truly, today it seems a bit pie in the sky, but the belief is in a Simplex VHF / UHF ( line of sight ) learning experience that can translate into Forthcoming EmComm Exercises. Meanwhile it will serve as a personal testing ground for each operators gear assessments away from the aid of repeater systems… Hopefully within a day or so I will post a bit of methodology to our " unique " Net idea…

Interested in participating in, and promoting, this event. Suggest that it be scheduled at time(s) that don’t conflict with existing radio club activities/nets (-- see NWA AMATEUR RADIO EVENTS calendar). 73/Fraternally, Rick KG5MWG.NWA AMATEUR RADIO EVENTS calendar

Thank You Rick. It is experimental and really intended to be BCRO member learning activity with an all are welcome to join in spirit. Absolutely it must not overlap any existing on air activity. It will be very short and purely for learning. By no means will it be fun for most operators, Simplex FM is challenging with many limitations. Thank You as always for your Ham Enthusiasm Rick. 73

Sounds like fun! I was hearing about something like this earlier today. It should be good practice and test of our VHF gear.