IC-718 on the way

Well, I splurged a little for myself and just ordered my first new HF rig - an ICOM 718.

After researching various models in that price range and debating on used vs new, I just decided to bite the bullet on a new machine from HamRadio.com since they’ve got a deal and mail-in rebate right now.

I think it’ll be enough for me while I’m still getting started.


Nice choice, it is only an entry level rig because of price point. The 718 is a worthy proven HF winner that should provide decades of satisfaction. I remember a profile of a legendary Ham developer and physicist that was headlined on a major Ham website a couple years back and was impressed to see in his shack the 718 as his primary HF rig. He was clearly a gentleman that could have any radio he desired, the center of his operating position was the 718. Drive it like a rental car and be aware that the thickness of your wallet has no bearing on the thickness of your log book. Congratulations and thanks for sharing the news… 73

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Well it sounds like I’m in good company, thanks for sharing!

Sounds like you secured yourself a solid rig. With this being your first HF purchase you are in a great position to note your thoughts on the 718 as you get set up and making your first DX contacts. Would you mind following up with a review post after a few weeks or months of ownership to pass on your likes and dislikes?

I would love to get a collection of local reviews going in the forum where we would have access to the reviewer for easy followup questions.