Hot air soldering by Van (W5VAN)

That was realy cool Van. Ok, hot, but you get my drift! Thank you for sharing.

That’s pretty cool, and crazy efficient to not have to swap tools.

Thanks Van, nice forum contribution. I have been studying a bit on hot air soldering because it is a really important tool for modern kit building, surface mount components almost demand the use of hot air technique. The big win for hobbyist and casual tinkering is the abundance of affordable hot air soldering devices currently available from foreign sources. This incredible tool is well within a modest ham budget. I have one on my 2020 wish list now. Van, keep up the enthusiastic posting, by the look of your bench you are in this pretty deep and you certainly will have lots of experiences to share. Cheers and 73

I bought the station to solder switches back on some bar code scanners I work on and sell.I just got this vise from Radio Shack to hold my work. I was burning my bench before I got the vice for the boards.

I have melted a few. The good thing is you can adjust the temperature and fan speed until you figure out what you need.

The work station also has a controllable fine tip soldering iron with a stand that holds a wet sponge.