HF Radio Marketplace - Video Link

Here’s a Dave Casler Video that helped me in narrowing down the radio I decided upon.

The HF world is a fascinating world full of possibilities. It is my favorite arena to pursue my ham radio interests. Deciding on a radio, though, was a difficult decision. Price, features, upgrades and add-ons made it hard to know what would be best for this beginning ham. Dave helped some on this marketplace review. Worth the watch.

His channel has great stuff.


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So what did you get since you posted this? Nice video . . . I would like to upgrade. The IC-7300 seems to be “The One” . . . but I like the idea of the FT-991 all in one for my desk. Less stuff to deal with. That said, I do like having the dual band on and monitoring while listening to HF. . . . So I will probably wait a bit longer.

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Well, this was last spring when I was going back and forth on what to buy, Wayne. Dave’s video was timely. I was thinking about the Yaesu 450. I’d heard some good reviews of it. But my Elmer dissuaded me from it. I had been looking at a Kenwood 590sg. He said it would be better.

I liked the small footprint of the 450 to take traveling. My Elmer got me looking again at the Kenwood TS-480SAT. He said several of his fellow hams in east TN had it and some used it mobile because it had an AT, and they had made a lot of DX contacts with it. So I went for it with the all the filter upgrades, which I installed myself.

I’ve been very pleased with it. Could have had the 7300 or 590 for about the same price at the time, but I would never take those on the road. I’m also more a buttons and knobs guy than menus, so I liked that about it. Logged over 1,225 QSOs and 890 QSLs with it so far on LOTW. So it’s worked out well.

Don’t think I’ll ever part with it, unless it needs service and there were no parts.

The separate control head is great for mobile installs, or to keep on your desk while hiding the radio body. Would like to build a pelican case out for it. I’ve seen a couple really nice ones on YouTube.

Some dealers say it’s discontinued, but it’s still listed on Kenwood’s website:

Would not surprise me though to see a replacement soon. It’s had a long run.


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One drawback on it which wasn’t a dealbreaker for me is you can’t TX on 160m. But I’ve heard there is a hack you can do to fix that. Maybe something to experiment with on it after several thousand more QSOs. LOL

Some day when I am able to have a home shack this is the rig I would like.

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I have had an FT-991 for quite a while now. It’s the one I bang out the Amateur Information Net on 3 times a week (2+ hours each time). It surprises the heck out of me that it can take that kind of punishment, but it just keeps on going like the ol’ Eveready bunny!

Of course, now that I’ve bragged… :upside_down_face:


Will, the quality of your audio and your always fine signal, is a testament to the value of that 991, you sure ain’t bragging. Truth by way of statement, supported by evidence… Oh, maybe it helps to have a world class broadcast quality voice and great operating skills… Cheers Will, keep doing what you do.