Having Fun with VHF [Video]

This is a QSO Today Hamfest presentation that is on Youtube, so no registration required to view.
Having Fun With VHF - Bob Witte K0NR

Has a good discussion of how to do SSB VHF and also some generally useful antenna suggestions. Also discusses SOTA activations with VHF. Many opportunities in Arkansas.


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Good Grief Charlie Brown, Scott Branyan launches a post into my Wheelhouse. I actually can dig in to this topic. I actually have a 2 meter all mode Yaesu. Also have been able to do a tiny bit of VHF ssb. Not easy being a guy that has not been on HF and chasing DX when Scott is an a roll. Great Heads up Scott, you hit a target on my range this time. I will be checking that out immediately… 73

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Awesome! Which radio and how do you like it?

I have a Yaesu FT-221 R… It’s a transistorized boat anchor from the late 1970’s, I lovingly call it the ’ Disco Box '. It is a stone cold beauty queen with a factory engineered 12 watts of Disco Fever. I have enjoyed it, but not yet optimized it’s capability with a matching antenna situation. It remains lonely and silent as I look forward to my VHF dream adventures… Thanks for asking Scott.

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That’s a neat looking rig.Lots of knobs! Bet it will serve you well.