Ham Shack Photos (Post Yours)

I finally got tired of a messy table. Had to go to Lowes this week and pick up some lumber for a critical house project. I also bought a 1"x12" and had them cut the boards to length to make this shelving. I saw it on Amazon, and they gave dimensions. Configurable to your situation and sturdy. Enjoying it this weekend with the contesting.

I don’t have a lot of space at the moment, so it fits nicely between my waders and fishing books, hihi.




Thanks for sharing Scott! Currently my ham shack is in my car, so… I won’t be posting pictures of that hunk-a-junk. One day I’ll have a shack to call my own!

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Compact, clean, and unpretentious, just a fine little station. Scott, it don’t look like the stereotypical Big Boy station but based on your postings, you are keeping it hot and having a wonderful time. A testament to the proverbial " less is more ". Also if by chance you were ever a member of Tightlines Fly Fishers Club, shoot me a private email. 73

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Looking forward to seeing what gets shared in this thread. I’m kind of in Jonathan’s boat on this one. No “real shack” yet as my main radio is mobile and I only use HTs here at the house. I’m collecting ideas for what I want to do once I get my General and can take advantage of HF though.

Just to contribute, here is my “mobile shack”



I think that’s me in your photo.

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Here is my rather compact “shack” . . . It can go about anywhere.

K5UNX - Wayne



Love that control head display. What kind of radio, Greg?

Thanks, it’s a Yaesu ftm-400xdr. It fits great in the old sun glasses pocket location.

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Love that shack in a box concept!

We have a bunch of new members hanging out around here so I wanted to bring this thread back to the top so we can see what everyone has been up to. Any new rigs or upgrades?

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Clearly KI5FAQ, ( Greg Young ) has some fine understanding of Mobile install. It rarely gets more effective and sanitary than how he does mobile radio… Now Wayne K5UNX is known to be quite humble and at times leaves out some key details : That metal skeleton holding his gear fits neatly into a beautiful “go box” situation, with it is a grand combination of home brewed portable antenna options. My shack is a waste of good cyber photo film : One 2 meter Motorola MaxTrac a generic power supply and Boom ! It all would fit nicely in a small trash can for easy disposal. 73

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@k5unx Wayne, do you have any pics of your shack in a box packed up? Just curious how you pack it as far as any spares, cables, and such that may be stored in there with the radios for travel.

Here are a couple

This one is the rack in the box without the lid.

This one is the box ready to go.

The last one is the rack in the box with the lid. I can operate this way . . It’s before I had the bottom panel with the antenna connectors attached but you get the idea.

I don’t have anything special for coax and antennas. Just a couple plastic tote boxes from Home Depot.


@k5unx Wayne, that is super clean! I’ve been looking at several case options trying to figure out what direction i want to go when the time comes for mine, but had not ran across one like that yet. Nicely done :+1:

The box is a MTM Spud 7 box. They run <$40 and are waterproof when closed. The SPUD boxes come in several sizes. I have a smaller one that I am building a similar rack for a Kenwood D710. It’s going to be a dual band “go-box” that’s self powered with a LiFePO4 battery from Bioenno. The rest is simply aluminum angle from Lowes.