GB100GKU on the Air for July

A commemorative station in England, GB100GKU, is celebrating 100 years of long-range maritime radio service from the UK. It just popped up on a webcluster for the first time I’ve seen. It will be operating at odd times through July 28 mainly on CW, and perhaps some SSB.

Check out the interesting history of the GKU station at the GB100GKU QRZ page. Operation is from the QTH of G4HLN, who is an ex-radio officer and worked at Portishead Radio/GKA for 20 years between 1980 and 2000.

It was on 7.009 this evening, although I could barely here it. I’ll be looking for an opportunity to catch it over the next four days.

Did not get an opportunity to catch them on the air :-(.

Next year!