FT8 DX Worked over Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a good Easter Weekend with family. We enjoyed the quietness at home.

The bands were not very favorable for me the middle of last week. I had been after a LOTW station for Israel the previous weekend. Only had one direct QSL contact. But around noon on Good Friday, I picked up Israel (4X4) on 17m, and it was good for a LOTW confirm. I called CQ on 17, 20 and 40 and got about a dozen good contacts, one from Japan on just 20W.

Saturday I worked some US stations on 40, until I saw French Guiana (FY4) pop up on 20m about 1:30 p.m. and although he was busy, I was able to work him. Good contact! French Guiana is hard because there are very few active hams on the bands. I still need Guyana (8R) and Suriname (PZ) to help finish out South America for me.

My best opportunities lately have been on 17m from about 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. It was slow Saturday but I did manage to pick up Corsica (TK) and that was exciting. He confirmed straightway.

Sunday late afternoon I tried unsuccessfully to contact the Azores. But Don (K5DB) from Springdale worked me on FT8 as I was trying to call the Azores on 17m and that was a hoot. Totally unexpected! My first time to work Don on FT8.

Late Monday afternoon, the bands on 17m were hot again, and I called CQ and got Japan, Cuba, and Brazil to come back to me on 20W! Then it happened. I picked up the Azores on 17m. As the band was starting to fade, I switched to 20m and there was another Azores station (LOTW user), and I worked him too without difficulty but with considerably more power. Sweet!

Today the bands were totally on their head. Nothing on 17 until late in the day, I did see a VU (India) station pop up on 20m a couple of times. His signal was good, but he was totally washed out by QRM from hams calling on top of him 3 deep. Not even calling him, but calling others state side. What a waist, hihi. But 6 and 10m were excellent all day, and I worked some locals on new bands for me. All good!

What will the rest of the week bring? I don’t know, but I have about 3 DX contacts left to make for Century Club! Woot, Woot!


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Outstanding DX rundown from your station and all the percolating you got on the front burner. It is just down right inspirational to get some details on your DX adventures. Real world straight scoop news from one of our own BCRO members, digging in, and having fun. Very well written, in depth, and entertaining. I had to Google up some geography just to paint the mental picture. I know our crew members are enjoying your posts from the comm. deck of star ship “Pandemic” we salute you Captain Branyan…

Thanks, Shane and Greg for the encouragement!

I’m having a blast. On geography, Shane, my XYL Sharon got me a scratch off world map for Christmas, and I’m having fun with it as I add another country to my list.


DX was hard today, but I keep coming back to the radio to check from time to time and found an opportunity to pick up FO5 (French Polynesia) on 12m! (The location might make for a good trivia question at some point!) He had a very strong signal and fortunately is on LOTW, since the country is on the list of temporary suspension for US mail service.


That map is a great idea for visually tracking your contacts. I got one of those for my parents a few years ago to track their travels.

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