Five CW Contacts this Week and Contest this Weekend

Put the key to good use and have made five contacts since last Saturday. Three POTA stations (MO, IN, MD), an XYL in WI (for FISTS contact), and a farmer in KS. I am trying to make a contact or two and listen for 15-30 minutes every day. Listening to catch again with better conditions a Puerto Rico station I heard at length the other night. He is a very good straight key OP. Loving the CW!

I see from the ARRL DX report, that there will be a SES in Mongolia (JT) JU85UIA, and a China station, BI4WXD, participating in the CQ World Wide WPX CW contest. Look also for Georgia (4L) on CW.

FT8 and FT4 on 20m has been good later in the evenings. I picked up Georgia, Lebanon, and Moldova this week.


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Good to see your real progress with CW. Some very inspirational activity and interesting contacts. Like archery, any game taken with stick and string is a trophy. All the CW contacts are brilliant accomplishment especially when it’s so new and challenging for you. Lebanon is a nice grab on FT modes, that country is a mess today you should get combat pay or a medal for going in there.

Thanks, Shane.

Nothing but an outright amateur here, but I believe that is what Amateur Radio is all about :-).

The Lebanon station was a very good OP too. There was a lot of QSB, and he came back to me at the high point of his signal. He is VP of a radio club there. He’s been on afternoon and evening the past few days on 17 and 20m–OD5KU.

Having fun traveling on the continuous wave.


Congrats on the CW contacts. I need to get on the air and try more contacts. I keep practicing my listening but should really get on the air. Maybe I’ll try some CQ WPX CW contacts this weekend.

Thank you, Wayne. CQ WPX CW sounds fun. Apparently, there was some activity early this morning on 6m on CW. I may try it to sometime this weekend. Would love to pick up some DX.

Just made a needed SSB contact in Iowa towards Triple Play and another CW POTA station in KS on 10.113

So my stats are: Digital 50, SSB 35, and CW 5. Keeps me motivated daily.

Off to do house projects. Maybe some more radio tonight.


I tuned in and listened to some CQ WPX CW stations. They were sending crazy fast, I couldn’t understand much. I decided to not play that game. I think QSO parties and Field Day events are probably more suited to what I want to do. I think these contests are pretty competitive and they are serious about racking up contacts.

Yes. Agree. I hate to slow them down and cost them points.

I’ve been chasing some CW POTA stations. Those have been fun and finding some SKCC guys that send slow code. If you can find them in the mornings, they usually aren’t very busy.

Tried to make a contact with a VE3 station this evening on 6m, but the band faded.