Field Day Web Meet Tuesday June 16, 7:00 pm

We will address our preparations for Field Day 2020 on Tuesday June 16 by way of Video Conference. 7:00 pm… All of us planning to attend Field Day should join in the discussion.

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If this day and time does not work for some of the key players we would ask that you please speak up. Shane and Allan have been working very hard to make sure we have a quality event even with the restrictions that are making this unlike any Field Day before it. Even with their efforts so far they need to hear from you to make sure all bases are covered.

Thank you to everyone making this possible. I am looking forward to a great opportunity to observe and learn.

Reminder BUMP…

Anyone planning to operate, host, cook, clean, set up, or tear down it would be helpful if you could join this chat tonight at 7PM to make sure we have everything covered that you may need on site. That could be additional tables, chairs, extension cords, coolers, cables, antennas, and so forth.

Due to the location of this gathering and the current health concerns in our community it would be in our best interest to make sure we are prepared to bring everything with us without the need for people to be making additional trips to buy missing supplies.

If you are planning on eating please make sure you visit THIS POTLUCK THREAD to list what item(s) you will be bringing to make sure we have enough food to go around.

Thanks again to everyone putting in the effort to make this event a success!

We apologize for the technical difficulties for anyone who tried to join.I created a new link, and Shane and I hung out for about 30min to see if anyone would show but none did.

If you do have special needs or requests for the field day PLEASE LET US KNOW HERE. We are genuinly trying to make the best of our current situation, but it is going to take a group effort to do so. You all know how to reach Shane, Jonathan, or myself through email or the board (can also email from the board) so don’t hesitate to reach out.