Field Day Menu Update

For those of you that may have missed a post. Field Day Saturday Food will be Chicken on the grill and Baked Beans with other food Items from contributors. Sadly, but probably a good thing really, Hamburgers were cancelled due to Beef prices for quality ground beef.

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How many burgers are we needing? I might be able to spring for them and buns.

Schaun, that is so kind of you to offer. Our host Alan has a giant box of Chicken, and a 55 gallon drum of beans so we are good on the primary meal. Although if you feel like it, a few big bags of some kinda chips, Tortilla or some other species would be great. I am bringing homemade Tamales & breakfast burritos for the Saturday early birds, so some crunchy stuff would be awesome. Even some Little Debbie snacks or something to go with coffee would help also. We will not need a whole bunch of anything, but the snack type stuff would sure make the day more delicious… Really looking forward to meeting you, I am nearly certain you will have a good time…73

Schaun, Just a thought, If you don’t like Chicken, you could bring a bundle of hot dogs and buns or something we could toss on the grill with the Chicken. I don’t think we will have more than 20 total eaters partaking of the feast. So you are welcome to make an addition to the grill if you like. Actually besides the beef prices we were also worried about the raw Hamburger decorations being a little hard to handle safely and keep fresh in the heat. Any complimentary food you bring will be appreciated that’s for sure…

Gotcha. I will pick up some stuff at the store for all to munch on. I was recently granted the opportunity of the state of Arkansas paying me my unemployment after nearly 90 days of broken websites, busy signals and the good old passing of the buck by the fine associates of our government. So I have a few bucks to contribute for the education I am sure that you all will be providing lol.

With that many beans being consumed I would venture to guess that masks would be worn regardless of the Covid fun.

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