Field Day 2020 Potluck Post

Thanks to @wa1gon for running tonight’s net, and @alan1369 for the report on Field Day plans! More information on field day can be found on the event post:

Darryl suggested a potluck signup during our net tonight so here’s the thread to share what you are planning on bringing food/beverage wise. Looking forward to seeing all of you at Field Day!

Welp… Guess I’ll get this started… I will be bringing a huge batch of brownies for everyone to enjoy graciously provided by my wife.

Perfect example of Field Day food additions to the planned menu. Easy eats, hand held, foods for morning and late, when the planned BBQ madness is unavailable. Good start Jonathan…Note to others : Don’t be afraid to bring some fruit, everyone loves fruit and it goes into the face easy when you are on the radio or chatting with buddies

I will bring some white (loaded) potato salad.

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