Feedback on web meetings

Hi. What a perfect radio voice you have.
I thought I would send you my observations about my computer and the meeting platform.
I noticed last time and this time…I could see some people and some could see me. When more and more people logged into the system, I got bumped off and could no longer turn on my video.
Both times, I could only hear some people.
We actually upgraded our internet speed and upgraded our modem so I can telehealth. That platform is call Doxyme if that is any help. I do have firewalls and a VPN on my computer. I use a MacBook Pro which is a couple of years old. I have a logitech cam which I have tried to use on the Telehealth but the mac camera/video has worked better for the Doxyme.
When something like this trips me up, I take view it as a challenge to solve but also get impatient and want it fixed so I tend to get FIXATED until I work it out. HAHA
Thank you very much for any insights. Susan

Do I need to download an app?

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The conference system behaved mostly like it was supposed to last night. It uses a protocol to set users as “inactive” when they are not actively speaking. This is to conserve bandwidth and system resources. Your video was fine at the start, but it set you to inactive after you stopped speaking for a bit.

As far as the audio is concerned, we would likely need to try and reproduce the issue. Each user has control over individual volumes that they hear from other participants. I’m wondering if somehow you inadvertently turned down or muted some of the other participants.

If you would like to hop on a test meeting with myself and @KI5FAQ we might be able to reproduce the issue with you.

Write down some good dates and times for you and I will compare it with my calendar.

Texting me these times would work better for me…do as you wish.

Susan, it would probably be easiest if you message Jonathan or myself with some times that would work for you so that we can coordinate with your schedule.

You can use the private/direct message feature here in the forums to send feedback, scheduling, or operational questions that may not belong in the open forum. Forum messaging or email tends to be the best way to communicate with Jonathan and myself on club related topics.

If you haven’t played with the messaging yet you can get the option by clicking any user’s name or avatar picture: