Extra ! Extra ! Read all about it!

New BCRO member David Snyder KI5JQK ( jack queen king ) passed the Extra Exam Saturday September 12th… David has only been a Ham for like a few weeks. This is a man on a mission… Also News Worthy: New Member Neil Poff passed the Technician Exam Saturday September 12th… Neil Poff joined our BCRO club without his ticket. Well, now it’s official, his call sign will soon be issued, and Neil will join us on the radios… Congratulations Gentlemen, Cheers and Salutations…


Congratulations to David and Neil! Well done! David needs to become a VE and Neil needs to get crackin’ on his General!!! The mission continues…

Will Rogers

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Awesome job, David/KI5JQK and Neil!

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Congratulations to both of you!! Also welcome to the hobby Neil!

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Congratulations to both of you!!

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How do I become a VE?

Congratulations @DavidsnyderKI5JQK and @Neil can’t wait to see what you do next!

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I’m still smilin! Yes, on to the next thing.


Congratulation to all great job. I need to get down to business and restart my studies for my Extra.

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Hi Dave, ARRL has a study guide and all kinds of info…


Thank you. i will look into it.